Our Story

God put the desire of starting a classical Christian school on the hearts of four families at San Diego Reformed Church. After 18 months of diligent work and preparation, we launched the school in Fall 2022. We are members of the Association of Classical Christian Schools and have partnered with Concordis Education Partners in bringing a Christ-centered education to like-minded families. God has been so faithful to give us a turn-key school facility in the heart of San Diego County. Please continue to pray for us as we build a foundation for generations to come.


Our Mission

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The mission of The Terra Nova school is to enculturate students as citizens of God’s kingdom, by partnering with parents in discipling their children through a Christ-centered and classical education, firmly established on scripture, and by cultivating wisdom, virtue, and eternal influence.

What do we mean by "enculturate?"
We are passing along the entire culture of God’s kingdom.

“Education comes from the Latin word, but the original Greek word used in the New Testament was paideia. An education that was true paideia meant not just passing along ideas but enculturation: passing along the entire culture. What culture was being passed along? It was the culture of the Church, which sought to cultivate piety, virtue, and wisdom, as the students would grow in the grace of Christ. And it is for this goal of passing along a culture that the curriculum existed.”
Clark and Jain, The Liberal Arts Tradition
“Education is not a subject, and does not deal in subjects. It is instead a transfer of a way of life.”
G.K. Chesterton

Our Vision


We aim to graduate young men and women who are rooted in and delight in God’s Word, who daily behold Christ and submit to His Lordship, who seek to see His glory revealed in all of life, and who by the work of God alone, have grown in personal holiness.


We desire our graduates to be disciplined, to be hard-working, to persevere through challenges and to pursue excellence in their work and duties.

Love Of Learning With Humility.

Our hope is that our graduates would be prepared with the essential tools of learning and be marked by humility, finding joy in the lifelong pursuit of learning in this world and in the new earth to come. 

Biblical Worldview.

We desire our students to have a robust knowledge of God, man and creation in order to develop biblical understanding and to be equipped to face the challenges in the world around them with prudence and boldness.

Why Terra Nova?


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Junior-K through 8 Classical Christian School
Located in La Mesa, California
Enrollment for Fall 2024 opens February 2024
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